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The Board is responsible for promoting the long-term sustainable success of the Company and generating value for both shareholders and other stakeholders through effective leadership.

The Company’s success is based upon the effective implementation of its strategy by the Manager and third-party providers under the leadership of the Board. The Board and the Manager work closely to ensure the highest standards of governance are maintained by the Company and are central to every Board decision. The Board’s culture provides a forum for constructive and robust debate, which has been crucial to the successful implementation of our strategy to date.

The Board applies the Principles and Provisions of the AIC Code of Corporate Governance which addresses the Principles and Provisions set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code, and sets out additional Provisions on issues that are of specific relevance to investment companies. Further information is available in our Annual Report, which includes our Corporate Governance Statement

“Our Board is committed to leading by example on all aspects of governance.”

Robert Orr - Tritax EuroBox, Chairman



Our Board and structure

The size, structure and composition of the Board ensures that it has the right mix of skills, experience, and knowledge to enable the Company to fulfil its strategic objectives.

The Board is responsible for promoting the long-term sustainable success of the Company, working towards strategic objectives and generating value for Shareholders and other stakeholders. The Board determines the Company’s Investment Objectives and Investment Policy with the Manager and has overall responsibility for the Company’s activities including reviewing investment activity, performance, business conduct and strategy as well as developing and complying with the principles of good corporate governance. The operational aspects of running the Company are delegated to the Manager, however the Board has reserved certain matters for its consideration. The matters reserved for the Board can be found below.

Our Chairman is responsible for leading the Board, including monitoring its effectiveness, managing meetings, and facilitating open and constructive dialogue.

Learn more about the Non-Executive Directors.

Board Committees

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit & Risk Committee is Chaired by Keith Mansfield, comprising Taco de Groot, and Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt. This Committee’s role is to oversee the Company’s financial reporting process, including the risk management and internal financial controls that are in place within the Manager, the valuation of the property portfolio, the Group’s compliance with accepted accounting standards and other regulatory requirements as well as the activities of the auditors. Download the Audit & Risk Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is Chaired by Robert Orr, comprising Keith Mansfield, Taco de Groot. This Committee's role is to review the size, structure and composition of the Board; and to ensure that the Board has the right mix of skills, experience and knowledge to enable the Company to fulfil its strategic objectives. The Committee is also responsible for making recommendations for new appointments to the Board and for reviewing the performance and terms of engagement for the existing Directors. Download the Nomination Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Management Engagement Committee

The Management Engagement Committee is Chaired by Taco de Groot, comprising Robert Orr, Keith Mansfield and Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt. The Committee’s role is to review the performance of the Manager and the Company’s other main service providers over the year and to recommend any providers for re-tender to the Board. The Committee is also responsible for overseeing any amendments to the Investment Management Agreement between the Company and the Manager. Download the Management Engagement Committee’s Terms of Reference.

ESG Committee

The EBOX ESG Committee is Chaired by Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt, comprising Robert Orr, Keith Mansfield, Taco De Groot and Sarah Whitney. This Committee’s role is to oversee and advice the Board on the effectiveness of the Company’s ESG strategy, including monitoring the Company’s ESG performance, overseeing ESG targets and key metrics and advising the Board on the appropriateness of its ESG policies. In addition, the Committee will receive updates and recommendations from the Manager’s ESG Committee. Download the ESG Committee’s Terms of Reference.

The Manager

The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Company including making the final decisions in respect of investments and divestments, financial management, asset management and investor relations.

Phil Redding, as the CEO of the Company, James Dunlop as CEO of Investments, Medhi Bourassi as CFO and Henry Franklin, as COO of the Manager, oversee the Manager’s relationship with the Company. The Manager’s Company Secretariat and Compliance teams oversee the Company’s governance structure and manage the Company’s regulatory compliance, as well as support the administration of the Group’s subsidiaries.

Manager Committees

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for leading the overall portfolio management of the Company. The Investment Committee reviews and approves all investment and divestment decisions of the Company in line with the Company’s Investment Objectives and Investment Policy set by the Board. 

CSR Committee

The CSR Committee is responsible for the oversight of the CSR and sustainability matters of the Company. It reviews the sustainability strategy adopted by the Board and the Company’s progress on key corporate responsibility initiatives and makes recommendations to the Board regarding progress on integrating ESG factors into the business strategy and decision making. In addition, it provides oversight of the Manager’s ESG related policies to ensure the Manager and the Company are effective in meeting their social and regulatory requirements and achieving their objective of being a socially responsible corporate entity. Download the CSR Committee's Terms of Reference.

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee reports to the partnership Board of the Manager and is responsible for identifying, recording and measuring risks of the Manager, and implementing controls to mitigate such risks. In addition, it has oversight of the risk assessments made by Tritax EuroBox as well as the other funds managed by Tritax Group, to amplify the focus on risk and to ensure Tritax EuroBox is alerted to any new risks identified by the Manager and to ensure consistency across the funds. The Risk Committee does not duplicate or replace the work of the Board’s Audit Committee but enhances the Manager’s support and reporting to the Board. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has oversight for the group as a whole and is responsible for reviewing the corporate and capital strategy and activity of the group. It considers all key operational items, including compliance, risk and liquidity. The Committee makes any necessary recommendations up to the Tritax EuroBox REIT plc Board and will receive and review monthly reports before circulation to the Board.

Committee Terms of Reference

Date Title Download
18 Apr 2023 EBOX ESG Committee – Terms of Reference
13 Jan 2021 Board Audit & Risk Committee - Terms of Reference
13 May 2020 Board Nomination Committee - Terms of Reference
28 Jul 2020 Board Management Engagement Committee - Terms of Reference

Corporate governance documents

Date Title Download
01 Jun 2022 Tritax Eurobox Green Bond Impact Report
01 Jun 2022 Tritax Eurobox Allocation of Green Bond Proceeds Assurance (Please download and open using Adobe Acrobat Reader)
18 May 2021 Tritax EuroBox plc Green Bond Framework
13 May 2020 Articles of Association
31 Dec 2019 Principal Risks and Uncertainties 2020
17 Mar 2020 Corporate Governance Statement 2019
02 Sep 2019 Tritax EuroBox plc Board Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Shareholder information
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