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Our purpose is to deliver sustainable logistics solutions that create compelling opportunities for our stakeholders and provide our occupiers with the space to succeed.

We recognise the importance of sustainability to our occupiers, shareholders and the communities around our assets. We also believe that a rigorous focus on sustainability will ensure our long-term viability and commercial success, by helping us to make sound decisions in the interests of all our stakeholders.


Creating a positive impact by 2030

Sustainability and a culture of responsibility is embedded throughout every aspect of our business, as we understand that acting sustainably and responsibly is fundamental to our ability to deliver long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

As part of our ambition to create a positive environmental and socio-economic impact by 2030, we focus on developing and owning large-scale logistics real estate that delivers net positive impacts. For Tritax EuroBox, this means developing net zero carbon buildings which benefit from cutting edge, sustainable design, as well as proactively upgrading our existing assets to ensure they meet high sustainability standards. Equally, it entails creating social value in the communities where our assets are located through our investment in European logistics, whilst also enhancing wellbeing, nature and biodiversity at our assets for the benefit of our occupiers and local communities.

Learn more about our approach to sustainable logistics real estate.

Focusing on where we can make the greatest difference

We have defined and implemented a sustainability strategy that supports the Company’s overall sustainability ambition to create a positive environmental and socio-economic impact by 2030. This strategy aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals targeting the following specific goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Life on Land and Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Our strategy is focused on four key goals that concentrate on where we believe we can make the greatest impact. These sustainability goals enable us to mitigate significant ESG risks and capitalise on opportunities to create sustainable, long-term value. These goals include short- and medium-term targets and metrics to measure impact. These initial targets are set to be achieved by 2023 from a 2020 baseline.

We recognise that collaboration is key to achieving our goals. As the landlord and owner of a large logistics portfolio located throughout continental Europe, we have a significant role as a facilitator of sustainable operations. Although we do not have direct operational control of our assets, where we can, we bring interested parties together to deliver sustainability solutions. Our focus is to initiate, facilitate, partner and encourage our stakeholders to achieve collective sustainability goals.

Mission Positive's Four Sustainability Goals

Goal 1

Healthy and sustainable buildings

To ensure and demonstrate the sustainability credentials of our assets. Aligning to UN SDG Sustainable Cities and Communities.


Why this is important

Ensuring high standards for the buildings within our portfolio is key to being able to demonstrate the sustainability of our assets to a broad range of stakeholders.

Our objectives

  • Ensure our investments align with ESG investment principles
  • Achieve leading ESG ratings, benchmarks and building certifications
  • Pursue green leases with our occupiers
  • Demonstrate leadership and share best practice with our stakeholders

Our 2023 targets

  • Ensure any new acquisitions and investments align with ESG investment principles
  • Improve GRESB score to three Green Stars and demonstrate leadership in ESG ratings
  • Implement green leases on all new leases, where occupiers cooperate
  • Provide recommendation reports to occupiers and sustainable operations guides
  • Work with industry peers and experts to further sustainability in the sector
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Goal 2

Energy and carbon

To achieve net-zero carbon across our direct operations. Aligning to SDG UN SDG 13 Climate Action.


Why this is important

With the built environment responsible for a significant proportion of global carbon emissions, we have a responsibility to seek to reduce the carbon emissions from our portfolio.

Our objectives

  • Maintain net zero carbon for direct operations
  • Develop new assets to be net zero carbon to the point of practical completion
  • Improve energy efficiency to achieve 100% A-C Grade EPCs
  • Invest in onsite renewable energy for the benefit of our occupiers

Our 2023 targets

  • Ensure all assets have LED lighting and Building Management Systems in place
  • Install onsite renewable energy generation
  • Ensure assets have climate resilience measures installed
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Goal 3

Nature and wellbeing

To enhance biodiversity on our land and ensure wellbeing of our stakeholders. Aligning to UN SDG 15 Life on Land.

Why this is important

Biodiversity loss has accelerated to an unprecedented level. In Europe, some 42% of European mammals are endangered, together with 15% of birds and 45% of butterflies and reptiles.  With a large land holding in continental Europe we have the opportunity to enhance biodiversity and wellbeing from community interaction with nature to ensure we create a net positive benefit.

Our objectives

  • Install measures that support and enhance biodiversity in our construction
  • Enhance the biodiversity on our existing land
  • Work with our stakeholders to support the local environment for the communities near our assets

Our 2023 targets

  • Implement biodiversity, climate and well-being measures on each asset
  • Install electric vehicle charging and cycle facilities
  • Improve the health and wellbeing for the benefit of our occupiers employees
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Goal 4

Social value

To create and measure social value through our investment. Aligning to UN SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Why this is important

As one of the largest investors in logistics space we have the opportunity to ensure that our investments create social value through employment and skills, local procurement, and supporting healthy and connected communities.

Our objectives

  • Measure social value to demonstrate the impact of our investment
  • Support apprenticeships and employability in construction
  • Invest in our communities

Our 2023 targets

  • Measure social value to demonstrate impact of our investment.
  • Support apprenticeships and employability in construction
  • Set up a Community Benefit Fund for all new developments
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A responsible approach
Integrating sustainability across all our activities