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Our Manager, Tritax Group is a logistics real estate fund manager focused on delivering sustainable, long-term income and capital growth.

Tritax Group manage over 3.9m sqm of high-quality assets integral to modern supply chains. As leading sector specialists, they bring a deep understanding of our market, a broad network of contacts and the capabilities we require to identify and sustainably deliver innovative investment opportunities.

Our Manager’s culture is agile and entrepreneurial, enabling us to move rapidly to secure the best opportunities. They have an unparalleled ability to put new ideas into action creating value for investors, occupiers and wider society. Tritax is headquartered in London with over 50 professionals. It is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

The Manager

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Mehdi Bourassi
Mehdi Bourassi
Camille Bonnel
Jo Blackshaw
Anisha D'Cruz
Helen Drury
James Dunlop
Henry Franklin
Catherine Fry
Freddie James
Alina Iorgulescu
Nazlin Nazri
Nick Preston
Mehtab Rauf
Phil Redding
Alicia Warren

Mehdi Bourassi Finance Director

As Finance Director, Mehdi is responsible for historical and strategic financial matters in relation to the Tritax EuroBox including financial reporting, transaction structuring, corporate compliance and the Company's wider capital market activities.


Camille Bonnel Head of Research

Camille is responsible for identifying emerging trends within the property markets and wider economy, delivering research and analysis that supports investment decisions as well as development of the Company's strategy. 


Jo Blackshaw Investor Relations Director

As part of Tritax Group's investors relations team, Jo has primary responsibility for Tritax EuroBox's investor engagement.


Anisha D'Cruz Legal Counsel

Anisha is responsible for oversight and management of the Company’s transactions and legal matters in all areas of the business


Helen Drury Sustainability Lead

Helen leads the Group's sustainability function and is responsible for all aspects of sustainability and ESG, including the Company's strategy, implementation, reporting and stakeholder engagement.

James Dunlop Partner, CEO Investment

As Partner of Tritax Group and joint CEO, James is responsible for identifying, sourcing and structuring suitable investment assets for the Company as well as handling the disposal of assets.


Henry Franklin Partner, Chief Operations Officer

As Partner of Tritax Group and COO Henry oversees operations. He is also responsible for providing general legal counsel, structuring of transactions and capital market financing.


Catherine Fry Head of Compliance

Catherine is responsible for ensuring the activities of the Company are conducted within the legal, regulatory and organisational frameworks. 


Freddie James Assistant Fund Manager

As Assistant Fund Manager to Tritax EuroBox, Freddie is responsible for portfolio management, investment strategy implementation and transaction origination and execution.


Alina Iorgulescu Assistant Fund Manager

As Assistant Fund Manager to Tritax EuroBox, Alina is responsible for portfolio management, investment strategy implementation and transaction origination and execution.


Nazlin Nazri Head of Financial Reporting

As the Head of Financial Reporting for EuroBox, Nazlin leads the financial reporting aspects of the Group and supports the Finance Director in terms of tax reporting and other finance matters in certain subsidiaries.  She has over 15 years of experience in real estate finance with an audit background.


Nick Preston Partner, Fund Manager

As Fund Manager to Tritax EuroBox, Nick is responsible for overseeing the strategic decision making for EuroBox and implementation at both property and business level. Nick became a partner of the Tritax Group in 2020.


Mehtab Rauf Fund Controller

Mehtab Rauf joined Tritax in August 2017 as Group Financial Controller. He is responsible for managing the finance function of Tritax EuroBox entities in the UK, Germany, Italy, Jersey, Netherlands and the Nordics.


Phil Redding Partner, Director of Investment Strategy

As Director of Investment Strategy for Tritax Group, Phil is responsible for delivering and implementing strategic investment advice for the Company. He also chairs the Tritax EuroBox Investment Committee.


Alicia Warren Deputy Company Secretary

As Chartered Secretary, Alicia is responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and best practice corporate governance for the Company.


The Board is responsible for promoting the long-term sustainable success of the Company and generating value for both shareholders and other stakeholders through effective leadership.

The size, structure and composition of the Board ensures that it has the right combination of skills, experience, and knowledge to enable the Company to fulfil its strategic objectives.

To see the Board’s full biographies please click here. 

The Board of Directors

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Robert Orr
Robert Orr
Keith Mansfield
Taco De Groot
Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt
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